Why exactly a mobile home?

There might be several reasons why you don’t want to build a house: expensive, time-consuming, often unpredictable and certainly you may face a lot of problems. However, we just love the result: A beautiful and harmonic home; a cozy, nicely designed and well-equipped house is a dream for most of us, and even the one to be proud of.

It is not a coincidence that the mobile homes are gaining space all over Western Europe. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to build a home with the latest equipment, with a cheaper price compared to an ordinary house, and it can be completed in a couple of weeks due to the technological development in the past few years. After the mobile home is ready, it can be located in a residential or a recreational area, it also can be located where an ordinary building is not suitable to be built or even far from the noises of a city and closer to the nature. Also you cannot ignore the fact that the energetical and maintenance costs of mobile homes are much lower than an ordinary house.
Our company would like to spread this new trend in Hungary. You may have financial reasons, environmental awareness, and the love for nature; therefore, we believe that you can find the best solution in our mobile homes!
Check our exhibition homes on our website or in person at our company. Dream your perfect home and leave the rest to us! We are waiting for your call!

About us

Our ownership is 100% Hungarian. The company started in 1991 manufacturing locksmith products and now we have 60 colleagues working on a 21.000 m2 site in a 2.600 m2 manufactory. The company started developing mobile homes in 2007 which became one of the main features for today. Since 2009, we have been building the second generation sandwichpanel structure mobile homes.

We have been manufacturing our products under the ISO 9001 quality assurance system since 2002.