One may have several reasons why not to building i.e. it is an expensive, time demanding, sometimes incalculable, troublesome process. However we like the result very much: a beautiful, harmonic home, a well equipped house with atmosphere, high quality construction, - it is a dream and pride of many people.

Luckily an extensive spreading of mobile houses can be experienced in Western Europe. Due to the technology development in the last years, there is possibility to build full-value homes even during several weeks building-in the latest technology results however, at a snippet of price of a traditional house. Than, a ready-made house can be placed freely in an inhabited area or summer resort, on the fringes where the traditional building is not allowed, or far from the noise of town, near to the nature. It is not negligible that the cost of keeping a mobile house -taking either the energy or maintenance into consideration, - is only a portion of a traditional housekeeping.

Our company the EmotionHome Kft wants to spread this trend in Hungary. Be you led by financial aspects, environment consciousness or by love of nature, we are sure you will meet your expectation in our mobile houses!
Look at our houses displayed here at our home page or personally in their reality, do dream the milieu you like and all the others must be left to us!
We are waiting your answer.
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